Stranger Doctor

From someone who can hear voices to becoming a doctor who can heal broken hearts,  Lee Jong Suk  had grown a lot on becoming a good actor. Casted on two equally known korean drama series, prosecutor princess and secret garden until the time he was given a major role in I hear your voice, this young … [Continue reading]

Good Housekeeping

Now, that you have alreayd got your dream house, the next thing you need to do is to create a homey feeling by putting pieces that you wished to have inside your home. lana bell at sothebys realty helps you not just on finding your dream home but also on choosing pieces that is perfect for your … [Continue reading]

Hair Crowd Pleaser

Our hair is our crowning glory as they say but since i colored my blach hair to something different, it was now dull and crazy.  So hairpieces for women gives a new meaning to me, since it is a great help to hide some imperfection and highlight the beauty of the hairpieces.  I love accessories … [Continue reading]

The Great Expectation

The days are getting shorter and school time is getting nearer.  I still need to buy some school stuff and looking at this custom drawstring … [Continue reading]

Summer Fling

I'm getting bigger each day and yes you don't have to tell me that I'm not sexy anymore, I care less this days and i have to admit, i have been … [Continue reading]

Thoughts of Paris

Lately, i have been different thoughts, thoughst that I should have not been thinking and yes, it lingers so much that even Paris was on my mind. … [Continue reading]

Shipping made easy

I love buying online, lately I have been thinking of buying korean products may it be beauty, accessories and trendy dresses.  I think they are so … [Continue reading]

To Love Me

I'm not an easy person to be with, moody and sometimes erratic and I am not a type that can give in to your demands.  I have no idea how someone could … [Continue reading]

Thinking that much

Sometimes we think about new things, thoughts that lingers on our mind,  omega 3 innovations makes me realize that i'm free to choose the things I … [Continue reading]

A perfect gift for mothers

It's already May and mother's day is coming very near.  I never get the chance to celebrate mother's day with my real mom but I'm happy that since my … [Continue reading]

A mother’s wish

It's been a while since i last posted and I even though I missed you all, I have no strenght to put my thoughts into words and write them here.  My … [Continue reading]

2014 Rain Effect Show in China

After his enlistment on the military Kpop sensation and drama actor Rain will be back for an exclusive performance , i wonder if he also knows how to … [Continue reading]