2014 Rain Effect Show in China

After his enlistment on the military Kpop sensation and drama actor Rain will be back for an exclusive performance , i wonder if he also knows how to use the xylophone from guitar center,  but since this one is his comeback after two years of serving the mandatory military training, i bet this one … [Continue reading]

Bagged that Awards

For actors and actresses, bagging an award is one of their greatest achievement after making a movie or drama series. The  best sennheiser bag at guitar center would be something that they might consider but I guess for those who are two or three time award winners, the anticipation is still the … [Continue reading]

My Love from Another Star

Since my love for korean drama, i never failed to watched some especially those which I feel very interesting and can totally make me hook on watching each week. I used to get dvd but when i have found online sites that offers not just korean but taiwan and other television drama, i suddenly feel … [Continue reading]

The Fierce Wife – movie to watch

If your a wife who dearly love and give their all to  your other half and in the end founds out that you are being cheated, then I know that there … [Continue reading]

Last Song Syndrome

Have you been hit by LSS or Last Song Syndrome? The collaboration song of Katy Perry and John Mayer entitled Who You Love, might be on the top list of … [Continue reading]

Soundtracks to Remember

Disney's latest animation film, Frozen, can really touch the heart of everyone who sees this. It is not a typical happily-ever-after film wherein … [Continue reading]

Strumming my head with the sound of a friend

What best musical instrument can make a girl fall in love? It is definitely the guitar. When a man strum his guitar and plays songs of love may it be … [Continue reading]

Rocking on Sunshine with Red Hot

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are considered to be legends in worldwide music industry. To see them perform on stage is really a dream come true. Hearing … [Continue reading]

Hollywood Glam

During awards night, Hollywood stars prepare their red carpet walk. Female celebrities would often have their gowns made by famous couturier and to … [Continue reading]

A Dramatic Entrance

What would a tc electronic rh750 750w bass amp head at guitar center  can do for you? Could it been something that you have been waiting for so long … [Continue reading]

The trouble with hello and goodbye

They say that love is forever but in this recent korean drama i have been watching, this two words hello and goodbye is very appropriate.  It's the … [Continue reading]

True Love – Inborn Pair

I must say that I'm not a taiwan drama fanatics but I have watched several  of their romcom drama and i have my own favorite actors and actresses too. … [Continue reading]