Korean Drama Review: Padam Padam

At first, I’m hesitant to watch this Korean Drama because the title , Padam, Padam, the sound of his and her heartbeats” is somehow not interesting to begin with but It makes me curious so i decided to take a look and see what it offers.

 A 2011 fantasy melodrama by JTBC starring Jung Woo Sung as Yang Ka Chil , who serves 16 years in prison for a crime that he didn’t commit.  His detention was reduced to twelve years because of being a model inmate but he was sentenced for another four years because he was again framed up.  Before he is supposed to be release, he suffers a near death experience, only with the help of his guardian angel’ Gook-soo (Kim Bum– Boy’s Over Flowers) he was able to survive it and learned about his three miracles.

A month before his release, he was allowed by the Jail Warden along with Gook-so to go out in the city, in the train, he met Jang Ji-na ( Han Ji- min – Yi San , Rooftop Prince)  in unexpected and awkward situation.  Roaming around the city, he saw his old acquaintance who is also one of the key people who knew about the incident back on his youth and while running Yang Ka Chil was bumped by a car.

After his release, he went back to his hometown with his mother and worked as a carpenter, there he met again Jang Ji-na who happens to be a veterinarian. With the circumstances that lead to their frequent meeting, Yang Ka Chil falls in love with Ji-na knowing that she was the daughter of one of the person he vows to take revenge.

Ji-na despite her strong nature falls in love with Yang Ka Chil until one day he learned that he was the one convicted on killing his uncle which becomes the cause of the early death of her mother and the grief of her father. After learning the truth that her mother visited Yang Ka Chil in prison for seven years, she begun to feel sorry for him especially that he knows he was suffering with liver cancer.

The next episodes evolves on finding the truth and evidences and beautiful circumstances that draw the two protagonists more in love with each other but also hindrances that circles their relationships.

Jeong Woo-seong and Han Ji-min’s bed scene

image : news nate

In the end, Yang Ka -chil chose to uncover the truth and the real culprit Chan Gul (Kim Joon sung) was finally bring to justice.  Ji na and Ka Chil spends the last of his days on a place they hoped to be, although days are hard, they were able to create beautiful memories.

Ka chil – “i have been thinking, why people these days love each other carelessly,

Ji na – why is it
ka – chil – it’s all because of diamonds
Ji na – no way
Ka chil – it is
Ji na – why is it?

Ka chil – diamond can’t break easily, so they think love also can’t break easily that’s why they are sometimes, careless to each other but this wooden ring can break easily unless you take care of it.  So we have to appreciate our love everyday and take care of our love, otherwise our love would be broken. 

“padam, padam, episode 20 ” (translated by dramafever. com)

The last episode reminisce the good times of Kang-chil and Ji-na along with the other casts, it also gives the impression that it maybe the last few days of Kang chil since he is getting more sick because of his cancer.  Even before the last episode, i know that it will have a heart tearing ending, Kang Chil will eventually die and Ji-na will just be left with good memories of him but  a scene shows Ji-na writing an e-mail relating her day events, the story ends while she and Kang Chil going up to the mountain enjoying the snow which only shows that Kang -chil lives that makes a good ending after all because it can be considered as his last miracle.

The story can move hearts, although there are some episodes that are dragging and not to mention the title of the drama is somewhat uninteresting, over-all i enjoy the story even though it makes me cry so much after all, we all love happy endings.

padam padam wedding photo

 The story hopes the reader to believe that miracles do come true and if you have more love in your heart, revenge can be forgotten and forgiveness will follow.  Just one reminder ,  make sure you can stand to cry for a long time because each episodes has lines that can really break your heart and be prepared with your hankies.  One thing i also notice is that he loves to wear red and white stripes polo shirt that reminds me of my father which makes me cry more harder. 

Jung Woo Sung gives an impressing portrayal, different from his previous television series.  I can still remember how he laughs and makes me cry when he cry.  I bet Han Ji min heart aches too much in this drama because of the long and many scene that you can see her crying.  I specially love the scene wherein Jung Woo Sung said to let him go if that time comes and she should smile and go on with her life but cry and smile when he thinks of him. It was supposed to be a sweet moment but turns to be a serious, heart aching emotional moment.

image : kpopfashion.info

Kim Bum on the other hand is grown to be a more mature actor, different from his boy next door character in Boys Over Flower.  In this drama, he shows that he is capable of doing more mature role and i couldn’t believe that his too thin and his hair has grown a lot. I guess, i still like him with his boy next door image, who know’s on his next series. i give this drama series 7 hearts out of 10. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Padam Padam – the Sounds of his and her heartbeats.

Type : Korean

Genre : romance

Number of Episodes – 20

Watch Padam Padam with English Subtitle – Full Episodes Drama Fever  , Good Drama 

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  1. Nakakamiss naman talaga manood ng korean telenovela..

  2. sounds like a very interesting and romantic Kdrama kilig nman ako hehehhe

  3. I seen this guy in a Korean movie in Netflix and he is a good actor.

  4. What a romantic love story to enjoy and fall-in-love :-) I am not fun of Korean drama, so sorry Sis :-) The only time I watched was when I was in the Philippines :-)

  5. Awww! I am afraid to start watching this coz I might get addicted agaon to korean dramas! I sued to be that and now is not the best time to be the same. LOL. Sounds like a beautiful love story!

  6. I’d rather not start on watching any Korean drama anymore since I seldom see the whole story because of the limited time I have to watch TV. I just end up wondering whatever happened to the story that I have managed to watch for a number of episodes only. Their stories are kind of similar the Filipino telenovelas

  7. what an interesting plot! will look this up.

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  9. No stable internet connection so I cannot watch online streaming. Hope to watch this padam padam when the connection is good

  10. Ah Kdrama! I miss watching you! I was a Jdrama and Kdrama addict before. Now I don’t have enough time to watch them all, ang daming magaganda.

  11. Looks like another addicting drama series.

  12. Never really watch movies or shows even tagalog teleserye. I know many people are into korean movies these days.

  13. INTERESTING! I will definitely watch this! It’s been a while since I went a little gaga over a koreanovela! I’ll check Padam Padam. Thanks sis for the review.

  14. Hubby loves watching Korean drama series just like the Padam Padam. He is really into it and as a matter of fact he was updated on the story.

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