Lee Min Ho’s New Korean Drama “Faith”

I don’t know what’s with Korean Drama, lately some of the KDrama i have watched was about a young man that lives on the old century (kingdom) and a woman from the new era (modern world) with the man travelling from the fast to present to solve some difficulties or problems and finding true love beyond time and places.

First was the Rooftop Prince ( a story of a prince who travels in time to find his beloved wife) and the second one is  Queen In Hyun’s Man (a scholar who supported Queen In Hyun travels 300 years to find the modern Korea with a no name actress portraying the role of Queen In Hyun in a film) and now, favorite Korean hunk actor Lee Min Ho’s new korean drama named “Faith” is also about a warrior from the Goryeo Period and a female doctor from the present day finds each other and their love transcending time and space.

Faith (Lee Min Ho)

Just seeing the official pictures from their official page thrills me. I would definitely wait this one and hopefully, i got the chance to watch it.

Lee Min Ho’s new korean drama “faith”

 In this Kdrama, he will be paired opposite to Korean actress Kim Hee – Seon (Sun) of Smile Again and My Fair Lady.

image source: http://wizard2.sbs.co.kr/greatdoctor/index.html

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  1. He is so awesome in every angle! :)

  2. i am not really such a big fan of k-drama but i must commend them for the interesting plots + the beautiful actors, like this one! :mrgreen:

  3. I always love watching Kdrama.. quite a breathe from all the pinoy teleserye

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