Best Korean Actress

Choi Ji Woo

1. Choi Ji Woo – Who would not know her?  This beautiful Hallyu star of Winter Sonata, Stairways to Heaven and the recent, Can’t live with losing  is known as the Queen of Hallyu stars and the Queen of Tears because of the very good performance she made during this series.

Kim Jung Eun

2.  Kim Jung -eun – Princess Lulu, Lovers in Paris, Lovers and recent I am Legend, this are just a few korean drama series Kim Jung Eun had made,  a versatile actress of her time.

Han Ji Won

3.  Han Ji Won – When I saw her at Secret Garden, i immediately told myself that this gal is too beautiful, not because of her pretty face but with the style and her acting.  No wonder, I was correct when I have learned that she is also the actress behind the  best korean drama,  Hwang Jin Yi and the ever sweet Love so Divine.

Son Ye Jin

4. Son Ye Jin – One of the most highest paid actress of South Korea in 2011, Son Je Jin , I first remember her name at the very dramatic movie,  Lovers Concerto but her recent work is the ever bubbly korean drama Personal taste  with actor, Lee min Ho.  She’s a favorite in the world of CF.

Yoon Eun Hye

5. Yoon Eun Hye  – Eun Hye is a singer and was later on turned into actress where she earn her right to be called as one of the youngest actresses in South Korea who belong to the A-Lister group or what they called, highest paid actor/actress.  She shine on her portrayal of a tomboy on 1st Shop, Coffee Prince but her first major break was on Princess hours (Goong).  She also made My Fair Lady and the recent Lie to Me.  Recently, her sexy poses for the magazine Dazed was the talked of the town.

jin hyun

6. Ji Hyun – Actress, model, she is also known as Gianna Jun.  She stars in the successful romantic comedy movie My Sassy Girl in 2001 wherein she won an acting award. She is included in the  highest paid actress in korea. My Sassy Girl became the 2nd  highest film selling in 2001 and highest grossing comedy film of all time.

Kim Tae Hee

7. Kim Tae Hee –  I  first saw her at Stairway to Heaven and told myself that I hate her,  why won’t I,  I envy her beautiful face, her lips that pouts unintentionally, her big /chinky eyes.  Her recent series is My princess and Iris.  She is also well loved in the world of commercial/CF. If there is one face that I would love to trade of, that would be Kim Tae Hee, truly a beauty.

Kim Suh Ah

8. Kim Su Ah – Big, Beautiful , that’s Kim sam Soon but this lady is not just big, she also had a big heart. Her determination to do the roll of Kim Sam Soon even if it means she needs to take extra big weight is totally cool.   Her recent series was the tear breaking, Scent of a woman.  Now, i wonder what will I do if i only had six months to live,  what do you think you’ll do then?

Song Hye Kyo

9. Song Hye Kyo – All In (2003)  Full House (2004), The World that they live in (2008) opposite to real life boyfriend Hyun Bin,  two best actress award.  This gorgeous lady is not intentionally put in the end of the list.  Not because she’s the girl of my oh favorite, Hyun Bin but because I believe her achievement in acting is quite not many compared from the actresses above.  But if this list would be about the Most Beautiful Korean Actresses, Song Hye Kyo would definitely be in my top list. I have never seen a face so fresh just like her and the skin, something every woman would be envy.

Park Shin Hye

10. Park shin Hye – I would never forget this girl.  Talented would be my first impression and when you see her korean series, you will know what I am talking about.  Although, I don’t really like her character in   Goong S (Prince Hour) I also felt that it was challenging. Her very good performance at Heartstring can melt once heart and her bubbly appearance at  He’s Beautiful will truly makes you laugh. Sometimes she was mistaken as Yoon Eun Hye because they have portrayed a similar tomboy style but when you got to see them , you will definitely distinguish how different they were from each other.  Maybe if they have something in common, that is , they are both a good singer, model, beautiful and talented.

Lee Dae Hae

11. Lee Dae Hae – My girl,   latest series  is Ms. Ripley, She was also seen in Fugitive, Plan B with Rain, East of Eden, Green Rose.  But I do remember that I first saw her at  Sweet 18 and I myself is an avid fan of that series. Those sweet eyes are a real charmer but her comment on Sweet Night, a KBS2TV variety show regarding Filipino English accent was a total turn off for every filipino .

Disclosure:  This list is based on my own favorites.  There are many korean actresses that are truly talented and I still have some few who really love but this eleven are among the best since most of their korean drama series was my favorite and was well loved by many fans too.

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