Taiwan Drama – In Time With You

True love is hard to find but what if you’re just blind to see that it was just within your reach all this time.

In time with you is a story of a long time friends, Ariel Lin and Berlin Chen are the made lead of the story, they were high school classmates and rivals in class presidency.  They were not friends until they have reached their college years.  Now that they are both professional.  Ariel successfully working as a Division chief in a shoe company while Berlin Chan as a supervisor in an airline company, they maintain their friendships and closeness over the years.

At the 30th birthday of Ariel Lin, they both bet that whoever get married first will win a certain amount.  Because of her proud and powerful nature, Ariel seems hard to find someone who could withstand her but as days goes by Ariel finds a boyfriend (an old acquaintance) who seems to love her and willing to marry her.

But there were times that she doubted her feelings and imagine her future life.  In this she sees her life with his current boyfriend in a big house but when she looks on the other side, she found herself in a small room with Berlin besides her which makes her more confused about her real feelings.  But she still accepted the marriage proposal of his boyfriend thinking that Berlin would never see her other than being best friend.

Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen for In Time With You

At the night of her despedida party, her high school friends confessed and gave a tape with a song composed and sang by Berlin obviously intended for her.  At that time, she realizes that she loves Berlin a long time ago but seized to see it.  Will they love prosper,  well, we all hope so.

Interesting as it sees, I fave KDrama but Ariel Lin is one of my fave taiwanese drama actress since her It started with a kiss days, i find her really cute but now seeing her with Berlin, i really thought they are indeed a good match for dramas like this.  No wonder there team up clicked and they have done the movie , Love Sick which is indeed nice too ( a review soon).

If the world will end today, who would you like to be with? 

Bolin Chen – image from the net

So, beside Mike He, Joe Cheng, Berlin or Bolin Chen is indeed on my lists of hot Taiwanese male actors.  What do you think?

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