The King 2 Hearts

Also known as The King.  The King 2 Hearts was top billed by Ha Ji Won ( Secret Garden) as Captain Kim Hang Ah and singer-actor Lee Seung Gi ( My girlfriend is a nine tail fox (gumiho) as Lee Jae Ha.   The series was aired by MBC from  March 21 to May 24, 2012.

The story was set in a modern South Korea and North Korea in time where descendants of Jonseon Dynasty rules the land.  Lee Jae Ha is a young crown prince who  acts carelessly, irresponsible without minding  politics and living a materialistic and charismatic life due to his reluctance to take in the throne.  When his brother ascended to the throne , he lives a playboy lifestyle.

The present Emperor (his brother) thought of a plan to teach his brother responsibility and  to help him grow up. The emperor tricked Lee Jae Hae to join the WOC  organized by the North Korean Military Command.  However, considering his attitude the members of the north korean command led by Captain King Hang Ah find him a royal pain in the ass.

Just like some other romatic story.  Prince Lee Jae Ha and Captain Kim Hang Ah love story is like dog and cats on a fight but as days goes by, both of them falls in love with each other.  The Emperor thought that Captain Hang Ah is the suitable wife for the prince, he made it to the news that the prince is engaged to be married to Captain Hang Ah.   Jae ha on the denial of his true feelings eventually confessed his love to Hang Ah through a public announcement to ease the political fire targeted towards the Emperor.

King 2 hearts by MDC

Captain King Hang Ah and Prince Lee Jae Ha was engaged and their relationship that was once a marriage of convenience turned into a more deeper romantic relationship.   But later Prince Jae Ha found himself in a bigger mess upon the assassination of the Royal Couple.  He was now crowned as the King of South Korea and must act maturely with responsibility considering that his throne and his family is in the bridge of falling apart and facing the news that his future wife (North Koreans) might be responsible with the assassination of the former king.  Succumbing to clever deceitful persuasion from His (the King’s) most trusted old advisor, Hang Ah was forced to go on with public persecution.  This starts the problem with the two lovers as the strained Hang Ah spoke harsh words to Prince Jae Ha forcing the immature prince to send him back to his native land.

Although with regrets and deep contemplation, King Jae Ha stay firms with his decision and determined to catch the real antagonist which happens to be the head of the Club M  until a public news from North Korea stating that Hang Ah suffered a miscarriage.

 Not minding the possible outcome, King Jae Ha insists on visiting Captain Hang Ah on the hope of gaining her trusts back and winning her heart again.

Although the story is a little bit unrealistic, I find it truly entertaining and interesting considering the fact that the story tackles sensitive issues regarding North Korea and South Korean problems which is really happening even today. It was a great effort for the writer to come up to a well -organized plot that made both of the two separate countries bind in unity through the marriage of the King of South Korea and an army captain of North Korea. 

King 2 Hearts

 What I specifically like the drama,   is the part at the time the American troops is ready to make war with the North Korea and the North Korea is planning to attack back to the South.  The king for his love to Captain Ah thought of a plan to eventually stop the Americans by announcing to the world that they are getting married on the very same day that the American is planning the attack.   Although the Head of North Korea is against the idea, he was eventually persuaded due to a heart catching event that you need to watch for.   The marriage scene can be seen wherein King Jae Ha fetch Captain Ah on the boarder of the two countries and the two walk through the boarder going to the South.

Although, i am not really a fan of Lee Seung Gi, i found him really different in this drama. On the other hand, Ha Ji Won as usual gave a praised worthy performance. Her character as a North Korean sniper was different from her other drama but her fans would surely love her on the action scene she had in this movie.  The whole drama was filled with romantic scene that can melt your  heart.

Is she really dreaming? Watch the drama to find the answer.

King 2 Hearts first kiss

This is the second time, i have watched a korean drama which involves a love story between a North Korean woman and a South Korean man.   I really do hope that the tensions between the two countries can be resolve.

Do watch the trailer below.

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  1. *bounces around the room* I LOVE THIS DRAMA!
    bawled my eyes out on certain *cough* scenes
    experienced another 2nd lead syndrome
    amazed!!! at how the writers were able to write a cohesive story (not draggy, characters did not have a bipolar disorder etc.,)

    I’m not a fan of LSG as well :/ I don’t think he’s all that handsome XD but he’s really good at acting. HJW is as always, bad-ass. I cringe everytime her character is all sweet and cuddly. Idk she’s a little too sweet for me :/

    My only complaint about this drama..and I think their weakest point…is when they introduce conflict from US or the UN (except the US WOC team). They don’t look scary at all XD I was even more scared of China when they did you know what~

  2. Looks like a nice korean drama show, I hope I can watch this too..

  3. finished this KDrama as well, love Hang Ah and Jae Ha…yup the storyline is bit unrealistic but i like how both fought and trusted that their love will save the day…

  4. I’m a fan of Korean movies and tele novelas. I’ve seen a number of films and series already but haven’t seen this one yet. :)

  5. done watching King 2 Hearts along side with Rooftop Prince and now watching Love Rain.. 😀

    I super love K-Drama too! :)


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